4 Hazards of Driving at Night

When it comes to the fall and winter months, the days become a lot darker earlier in the evening compared to other seasons. Unfortunately, the roads become more dangerous at night because our vision and reaction time to avoid potential hazards are significantly compromised. 

The following are the four hazards that make night-time driving dangerous: 

  • Reduced visibility – Without the sun’s light during the day to help us see road signs, traffic signals, other drivers, and even pedestrians, you must rely on your car’s headlights and streetlights to see your surroundings. As we mentioned before, this limitation to your vision gives you less time to react to potential hazards on the road. 

  • Rush hour – No matter what time of the year, rush hour traffic is a dangerous time to drive because the roads are crowded, and each car is bumper-to-bumper. The stop-and-go driving is more dangerous when it is dark outside. 

  • Fatigue – If you are feeling drowsy while behind the wheel, driving during the nighttime hours can increase your chances of falling asleep and getting involved in a car accident. Sleepiness impairs reaction time, vision, and judgment, just like alcohol. 

  • Drunk drivers – Impaired motorists are more likely to be driving at night, especially during the hours between midnight and 3 AM on the weekends. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the rate of fatal car accidents involving alcohol consumption is nearly four times higher at night compared to during the daytime. 

Whenever you drive at night, you must be extra defensive. Reduce your speed to be more prepared for unexpected road hazards. Avoid distractions like using your phone or talking with passengers. Practice more patience, especially when there is traffic. Get at least seven hours of sleep each night to reduce drowsy driving. 

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