Fatal DWIs Can Now Result in Child Support Obligations

Those convicted of a fatal DWI killing both of a child’s parents could face child support obligations after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a new bill into law earlier this month. It goes into effect on Sept. 1, 2023.

House Bill 393 provides that anyone convicted of intoxicated manslaughter that kills both of a minor’s parents would be required to pay monthly child support to the child’s legal guardians. As with usual child support orders, the amount of each payment would be based on the child’s standard of living in addition to unique factors such as their physical and emotional condition.

While the stakes of DWI manslaughter charges are already high with 2-20 years in prison, a possible $10,000 fine, and a two-year license suspension, they are elevated now that child support could be a potential post-conviction obligation.

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Any car accident resulting in the deaths of a child’s parents is unarguably tragic, but those who are unfairly accused of intoxicated manslaughter can and should defend against these charges. Inaccurate accusations can result in unnecessarily harsh penalties in the event of a conviction, which is unfair to someone who isn’t responsible for intoxicated driving.

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