Don’t Make This Huge Mistake After Your Car Accident

If you are injured in a car accident, you can face a lot of new debt. From emergency transportation to your hospital stay, treatment, and ongoing medical care needs, you may be looking at thousands in debt you never even dreamed of having. Right now, it may even be impossible to accurately assess how much money you’ll need to offset these current and future debts.

That’s why the biggest mistake you can make after your car accident is accepting a settlement without consulting with a lawyer. With the support of a car accident attorney who understands what people in your position should receive as compensation for their injuries, you can worry a lot less about never fighting hard enough for what you could have received.

Why Is Accepting a Settlement After My Accident a Bad Idea?

Accepting the first settlement offer you receive without consulting with an attorney is a bad idea because the offer is almost never fair to the injured party. Insurance companies exist to make money, and they wouldn’t make as much as they could if they gave every injured person a fair offer to settle.

Basically, the insurance companies only have their interests in mind – not yours. Not only can they immensely low-ball you for your current financial needs, but they can leave you holding the bag for all of the physical therapy, medication, surgeries, and other kinds of care you may need in the future.

Your car accident lawyer can help you avoid these kinds of outcomes by aggressively negotiating a fair settlement for you. If the insurance company is still

unwilling to do the right thing, your attorney can help you pursue compensation with a personal injury lawsuit.

We Can Help with Car Accident Claims

Rodriguez & Gimbert, P.L.L.C. can provide the legal support necessary to help car accident injury victims fight for the compensation they deserve. Rest assured that our personalized legal support means you can have the focus you require on your personal injury claim to reach the best possible outcome.

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