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What You Shouldn’t Do during a Child Custody Dispute

Whether you’re preparing for a custody battle or are already involved in one, everything you do right now matters. Your life and fitness as a parent will be scrutinized by the court, which can either provide or deny you the custody you seek depending on whether or not a judge believes a child’s best interests lay with you.

This is a difficult time – and to be certain, this is an especially difficult time to control your emotions. How much time you get to spend with your child is on the table, and you’ve probably never been in a situation with higher stakes than these.

Behaviors to Avoid during a Custody Battle

Despite the seriousness of this situation – or perhaps because of it – you must conduct yourself properly inside and outside of the courtroom. Doing so can increase your likelihood of getting an agreeable custody arrangement, but any misstep can also cost you that opportunity.

If you aren’t sure what you should avoid doing during a child custody dispute, we’ve prepared a brief list to help you understand:

  • Verbal altercations with the other parent or your child
  • Physical altercations with the other parent or your child
  • Parental alienation or attempting to turn your child against the other parent
  • Venting your frustrations to your children
  • Failing to comply with a temporary custody arrangement
  • Failing to comply with any other court orders
  • Missing court dates
  • Using illegal drugs or abusing alcohol
  • Disrupting your child’s regular schedule or activities
  • Removing your child from school or daycare without informing the other parent

Any of the behaviors listed above and others like them can hurt your chances of obtaining the child custody arrangement you want. The court may be lenient and consider a small mistake for what it is, but don’t count on it or take it for granted.

Do You Need Legal Help?

The judge’s concern is with deciding what’s in the best interest of your children. He or she will do so by using a narrow window looking into your life and who you are as a person. The best thing to do is to remain in control of your emotions and behavior as much as possible at all times, even if the custody battle is very difficult to cope with.

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