I Work in Construction – Does Workers’ Comp Cover Me?

Employees who are covered by workers’ comp in Texas are those whose employers have purchased optional insurance for this purpose.

If you work in construction, you’re probably very aware of how dangerous your worksite is compared to most. Although office jobs have their own risks, the ones you face are unlike those that your family and friends can imagine.

Although safety should be a key aspect of any construction project, the threat of an accident always looms over the job site. With so many people trying to coordinate important tasks that often involve heavy machinery, it almost seems like injury is inevitable. “Almost” only because a worksite should always abide by safety standards and practices that keep workers safe.

When negligence is a factor in an accident that causes someone injury, the injured party can sue responsible parties for damages. Seeking such relief after an accident may be necessary because workers’ compensation insurance is optional for employers in Texas (unless the job is a government contract).

That means a personal injury lawsuit for a construction site accident may be your only way to pursue compensation for medical bills, prescription medications, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and other damages caused by the accident.

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